My child has a fever, what to do

If your child is running a fever, the first thing is call your ND or MD. You need to know if it is a simple infection such as an upper respiratory tract infection, an ear infection, gastroenteritis, urinary tract infection, etc. However, if not properly treated, either with natural therapies or conventional medications, it can lead to more serious complications. The ones that are more concerning include pneumonia, meningitis, encephalitis, mastoiditis, epiglottitis, serious bacterial infection (SBI – group B strep).

If you want to try natural remedies for simple infections, it is best to consult a ND. Usually I recommend that if by the second day the fever has not subsided, you have to resort to medications.

If the fever is greater than 105F, emergency.

If less, and you have checked to make sure that it is not a serious infection, it is best to allow the fever to run its course in order to fight the infection naturally and stimulate the immune system. Most infants and children have strong vitality to fight infections, and this is important in order for your child to develop a healthy immune system. I recommend two to three days to allow the fever to drop.

Fanning, cold compresses, cool baths, and certain botanical and homeopathic remedies are natural alternatives to acetaminophen, and require a consult with your ND.

Keep your child very well hydrated.

If in doubt, use Tempra.

Note: never give your child baby aspirin. This has been linked to a very serious condition called Reye’s syndrome.


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    1. 105 is definitely on the high range and I would not let it go without professional advice. Usually if the fever is at 101-102, naturally it should come down on its own. Two days max…. and lots of cold compresses, fanning, and electrolytes. We want to see the fever decrease as soon as possible naturally.

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