Summer heat rashes

We have had our first heat wave this year!

Heat rashes can occur when our body temperature becomes overloaded. Sweating is the normal response to excess heat. In hot humid weather, sweat does not evaporate as quickly from the body and can cause rashes.

Here are a few tips on preventing and managing heat rashes:

1-Use as best as possible creams and lotions with minimal preservatives and fragrances

2- Wear breathable loose-fitting and light-colored clothing. You want to encourage sweating as best as possible

3-Drink plenty of fluids – 0.5 L – 2L per day. You can add a bit of salt, honey, lemon, and baking soda if you are sweating a lot. This is a natural electrolyte replacement. Products on the market: Concentrace, EmergenC, ElectroMix, and Vitamin water are all good alternatives as well.

4-Cool down your body with cool foot baths, or use cool towels to your head.

5-Wear a hat outside

6-Eat a diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. The more colors the better.

7-Minimize alcohol

For the rash:

-avoid all irritating substances to the skin

-find out if it is better with warm or cold applications. For cold, use of cold compress, and for warm, you can use a blow dryer. This is dry heat and will be beneficial. Some people respond better to either warm or cold.

-run a cloth bag of oatmeal in a cool bath

-have pineapple

Rashes can be precipitated by the sun when taking certain medications and herbal remedies.

If the rash is all over the body, it may be worthwhile to get it checked out because it could be a contact or irritant allergy.


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