Environmental medicine

Coffee grinds – many uses!

When I was hiking in Costa Rica, I leaned with my hand on a tree trunk and got stung by a tree! A million little needles were stuck in my hand. Not knowing if they were poisonous or not (after all, how else could a tree defend itself from invaders like me??!!) I asked Miguel, our guide through the jungle, for help.

He smiled at me and said… coffee. That simple. He took used coffee grinds and debrided my hand. The ground up beans served as debridement while the tannins pulled out any possible toxic stuff. Next day – no problem!

Coffee grinds can be used for so many purposes… you can use them in your garden before it rains to add a little nitrogen to your soil, you can use it to stain paper a light brown (to give it the old appearance), you can make a mud mask with an egg white, and it is a very good deoderizer/exfoliator for onion-smelling hands after cooking.

Take 1 min of your day, to find a better way….  to recycle!


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