appetite for coffee beans

Coffee beans…

The bitter flavor of coffee and the nutty aroma heightens our senses and creates a feeling of euphoria. Despite this romance, I rarely drink coffee. I decided to indulge in a warm cup today and it brought me back to what it is…  What is coffee? How does it serve? How does this bean grow? Where does this bean grow?

Coffee seems to be everywhere in our society, yet the appreciation of coffee is one-sided. It is often used as a pick-me-up, to make me feel better, and to put me in a better mood. Used in this way, chronic coffee consumption can lead to high blood pressure, blood sugar dysregulation, heart palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, appetite loss, dehydration.

In small doses, coffee is medicine. It stimulates circulation, increases memory, and stimulates digestion. It is especially useful to cool the body on a hot summers day after intense exertion as it is restorative. This little bean serves a very important function however like anything, will turn its way if not used well.


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