wisdom of the body

I imagine myself dancing throughout the day, made conscious by the tension that is held with certain movements. Movement can be fluid or sharp, however when dancing, there is an ease. The ease does not come from knowing the steps, but an ease of knowing the body. To improvise means to listen to your wisdom, and engage the spirit to the senses and emotions that arise in the moment.

In a book called Medical Intuition by Mona Lisa Schulz, she describes the root of the word emotion, meaning to emote – which literally means to move. And so, what happens to those emotions that stay trapped in the body and cannot be physically released?

An important question to ask is, what if I do not have any emotion? Then how can I dance? Impossible. Feeling is what it means to be human. Search.

You can dance by yourself, with someone, and the more you do it, the more you’ll realize that improvisation is a key for many things… And dance can be different things for different people.

And so next time you hear your favorite song, dance!!


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