Philosophy, medicine, and homeopathy

one part in a series of natural things

This is a walking palm tree. It grows roots in order to move its base and have access to the sun under the thick canopy of the jungle-forest.

When there is a will, there is a way. Whether it works, is yet to be determined. Other forces come into play down the road. I can only dream of a certain outcome, or think about it. If I was so compelled, I could have nurtured and observed her growth. However, to nurture this tree is not in my control and would not be wise.

Vitality, or in a mind’s eye, the will, is present everywhere. In homoeopathy, this is the life force. An age-old concept rejected at the turn of the century with the introduction of modern medicine and ‘science’, this concept is resurfacing and gaining its well-deserved support. Dis-ease is a reaction of the vital force, and perhaps an uphill battle. Or a web of misunderstandings.

If we think of the salmon and its reproductive cycle, we know this to be true in nature. Is the salmon suffering?


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