visual meditation

Martha Graham was a pioneer of modern dance. Her style was unique and inspired many. She paved the path for contemporary dance in America and her teachings have had international influence. Her inspiration came from yoga, and she viewed the body as an empty vessel, through which the spirit or life force flowed through. To keep the spirit grounded in dance, she likened all movement to begin from the spine, and to imagine a spinning visceral ball in the abdomen, as though it were the engine. To be still yet to remain awakened is an important part to meditation and remaining grounded in one’s life, and to cope when anxiety arises.

During my meditation, I brought back the visceral ball. What I imagined was yin and yang, and the archetypal female and male energies. I thought to allow my male energy be supported by my female energy. And there was the visceral ball, covered by the rhythm of my breathing and having an energy of its own.


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