Philosophy, medicine, and homeopathy

second part in a series of natural things

Every person has something unique, particular, or unusual about them. Although we tend to think of ourselves as distinct from nature, we are nature. The observation of our natural state is truth as it be told.

Observation is key to understanding ourselves. We have our own truth. At times this is not so clear. At times our mind and bodies are not at ease. This is normal and we can expect no different. But how do we react? What is our body telling us? What is the key? Are we listening? That little piece of information is what is necessary to find what it is in nature that is similar to us, and will give the right tune to allow our bodies and mind to sing. It is all about playing the piano!

This is the practice of homeopathy. I have been exploring with great pleasure the art of homeopathy. For example, a key may be that a person continuously sweats from the head while sleeping. That is the observation. What we make of the observation is a mental process. We are our own doctors, teachers, and guide. Finding the remedy is governed by the Law of similars, the single remedy, and the minimum dose – and this brings about healing – like all the elements in nature. The beauty of the healing art! What an exploration…


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