Philosophy, medicine, and homeopathy

third part in a series of natural things

I have opened today with a thought about disease.

I have been reading ancient texts about homeopathy and disease at the turn of the century. Doctors report symptoms. Back then, epidemics were the battle instead of what seems to be today – cancer, cardiovascular disease, strange auto-immune or other immune-related conditions of unknown origin like polymyalgia rheumatica, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel disease and the list goes on. Homeopathic doctors report symptoms, as expressed by the disease. What I found most striking about reading these reported symptoms is that a lot of them sound like diseases of today. The body simply reacts to whatever it is that challenges it, and this is based on our genes. And so, what is a « new » disease? Are we really curing disease with all these new and expensive medical technology? Do diseases cure or do people cure? Are genes any different then they were 100 years ago?

We may think we got rid of measles, mumps, rubella, etc based on statistical analysis and reports from double-blind-placebo controlled studies. Do we know that it has not turned to something else? Or that we never really eradicated it in the first place, but we were just lead to believe because of chemicals that  suppress our bodies ability to actually get over something and recover? And then name it something else?

Imaging and diagnostic tests are useful in the detection of disease. And not to say that giving a medication and the subsequent test to prove the absence of the disease is not good evidence. It is. However, is that healing or perhaps masking? We do not know. For example, it is well documented that suppressing eczema with corticosteroids may develop into asthma, a more worse disease.

This then relates to pathology and physiology/psychology, the two opposing yet similar studies of the body. It is fascinating.

I am not anti-medical establishment in the least, and do favor some forms of conventional treatment, however I do feel that health and what it means to recover needs to be challenged and continuously researched deeper in order for our lives to feel satisfied. There are many brilliant people around discovering. I think we are all in it for the same reason.


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  1. Hi Mel,
    I agree with your sentiments and love your blog. What distresses me about modern medicine is its inherant negativity. It is all about disease not wellness. You get tests that you can’t study for and hope that you pass. It is not about balance in your body and keeping that balance, but continual testing to find something wrong which then is dealt with with medication or operation-leading to further imbalance and more dis-ease. Trevor has a great new hip, a fixed up broken arm and for that I am grateful. They are great with trauma to the body. But keeping you healthy!!! I reluctantly go for my annual but have no problems with an accupuncturist, chinese medicine, naturopathy and massage and of course diet – when things feel a bit out of balance.
    Thanks for the information you share. I really appreciate your blog and your insights.

    1. Thank you for your message! I agree that sometimes it is difficult to see past the negativity, of which there is more than enough, however when you have access to the right tools, it becomes less scary and with more freedom. I hope that you bring all your questions to the helpers in your life because that will bring about more and more realizations. There is a piece of pie from many different places! All the best to you and Trev.

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