Philosophy, medicine, and homeopathy

homeopathy – quantum theories and food for brain!

I use mainly, and it most cases, only homeopathy in my practice. When my patients ask, how does it work – I do not make up a theory but simply say – I do not know, but it does.

Yikes!! How can that be?? Is often the reply.

I was a math geek growing up. What I loved most about math was the complexity and the art. For me calculus was like drawing – and the infinite is the cosmos!! I did not think about it in too much detail, but took it for what it was. I could not for the life of me explain calculus. However, I enjoyed it and imagined it as the art of uncertainty, defined…or better yet, the opposite theory (as many of my friends will know that I bring this up often!)

I want to share some of my dreams. In the future, I wish to publish my cases of homeopathy. Second, I would love to contribute to the art and science of homeopathy through philosophy.

The art – meaning the observation and intuition of my patient interaction.

The science – meaning how in the world does it work?! I may not ever find an answer, simply because it is beyond the realm of human knowing. However, it would be fun to create a mathematical model or drawing – or at the very least, be inspired by these concepts from others who have gone through the process of discovering such wisdom. One of the largest claims is that homeopathy is not clinically effective. It depends on what is the outcome. If you measure the outcome of its effectiveness based on immediate results, yes, it will be ineffective – at times. It really does depend on the person and the disease. However, there is this truth – healing does occur because we have all seen a cut heal – but do we really remember how long it took to recover? Do we actually know when healing occurs? And so, my proposed future thesis, in this lifetime or the next, would lie in the better understanding of what is this healing mechanism? How is it stimulated? Furthermore, how does homeopathy increase the speed of recovery? Any good physician who records all symptoms of a patient, or better, teaches their patient how to record their symptoms, will be contributing to this phenomenon. And thus, for every individual there is his or her own mathematical equation for their solution to healing.

To support homeopathy and healing, and to open our view of health, means to steer away temporarily from determinism, and investigate what is actually occurring.

British chemist LR Milgrom in attempt to develop the relationship between homeopathy and quantum physics (he wrote many very interesting articles) reports theories based on quantum physics:

-molecules in water tend to clump together rather than separate on dilution

-quantum theory suggests that we cannot know the present with absolute certainty – because electrons do not have a location and momentum at the same time

-« common sense » – physical world exists independent of the observer – relating to Einstein’s theory of relativity and the speed of light. Dependent on our observation.

-quantum physics: rejects theory and says it is instantaneous. There is an objective world whether we observe or not. Transactional interpretation: every particle is instantaneously aware (affects and is affected by).

-he defends the arguments that quantum theory cannot be applied to homeopathy because it is practiced on living beings, and not atoms and electrons. He links it to the patient-practitioner-remedy triad or entanglement. The divine trinity.

As Joey from Blossom once said: « wow! »

So water properties, nature as healer, and the trilogy.

I agree with certain aspects of these notions, however, I am uncertain as to the degree of objectivity. Will it be lost? Einstein had some important lessons.

I encourage all to seek what it is you wish to find. I welcome any and all comments…


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