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Case studies in children: homeopathy more than just placebo

As a scientist, I question everything and seek. As a doctor, I expect the unexpected. As an artist, I love what is. As a human, I develop awareness.

When I first came across homeopathy, I thought, how on earth would this ever help someone? It is ultra-low dose medicine. Intrigued by mystery, I searched deeply for the meaning of homeopathy and to understand its philosophy (and still doing it!!!). The beauty comes when I see in practice.

Homeopathy is more than just placebo (latin meaning I will please). It is an art and practice of the web of our natural state of being with the external world as we see it. We can choose to discredit that which we observe, or be our own doctor (docere – to teach) for others and ourselves.

Child case 1:

2 year old girl who experienced difficulty transitioning into daycare. Would not eat and was weepy. I investigated her nature and found a remedy for her at this time in her life, and prescribed on the characteristic symptoms. After one dose, her mother reports that she is now eating and comfortable at daycare.

Child case 2:

15 month boy. Chronic wet cough, worse at night (waking frequently) with extreme irritability from his usual state accompanied by hysterical crying, frequent waking, inconsolable. After one dose of the remedy, the following night woke only once with a quick recovery back to peaceful sleep with the aid of some water (natural state). No coughing.

How does it work? I have to investigate the case. I ask all the questions to find what is characteristic, and then find a remedy that exhibit these characteristic symptoms. I do not recommend a remedy for a certain disease or condition, but choose one based on the symptoms. We then follow the symptoms and recognize what has or has not improved or changed, as this is the vital force working its magic.

When I witness the effects of homeopathy in children, I cannot help but feel gratitude that this medicine exists, that nature has all the intelligence to bring about comfort. That with a little tender loving care, people of all sizes can heal themselves and achieve wellness.


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