unleashing the creative

I observe, therefore I am.

I invite you to put a name to your emotion or feeling.

Boredom is an interesting one. It is perhaps one that drives certain compulsive tendencies like the big one of work-aholism. Holism – the entire part, particularly how the whole system behaves. Under this holism is in fact a whole person! We are not just a sum of the parts, a functioning machine.

What is boredom to you? Thinking that what we are doing serves no purpose? If we are not working then we are not serving a purpose? I can guarantee that many work and still do not feel like they are serving a purpose. Why? Because they are not connected as a whole. They have not allowed themselves the time to discover who they really are, furthermore, how they can turn certain aspects of themselves into something much more connected.

There are some that are very connected, and it is not up to us to judge or decide who those people are. We are the drivers of only one machine! All going in the same direction.

I challenge you to learn to say no. To sit with yourself completely bored. And see what happens. It is at these times that something will come up – poetry, fictional writing, non-fictional writing, painting, drawing, dancing, singing, cooking, or, the realization that there is something worth trying like pottery, crafts, taichi, yoga. There is so much to chose that is seems overwhelming. In truth, we all have a connection and there is a way to allow the energy to flow with ease. Observe your connection. Observe your reaction and be honest with yourself. How long will you continue on this same journey? When will you know when you are filled or when to pour a little out to add a little more in? Or is it emptying the whole container first?

A school of fish. Always learning, always aware of where is the top. And always connected with some light. The winter is dark, and searching for that extra something, takes a little more effort during these cold months. Don’t give up! Just try a little more, and smile at your attempts!

And don’t forget to get some vitamin D, or sunshine! Indulge in root vegetables since these are appropriate for this time of year. Drink plenty of water. And use simple home remedies that can prevent and cure (more to come on home remedies for the winter!). It can help unleash the creative too.


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