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peanuts or nuts?

While waiting for my car to warm up on a snowy Monday morning, a squirrel came right up to my door and looked at me for what felt like a minute. It wasn’t by chance, his intentions were clear. If I look cute, perhaps she will give me a peanut. Inspired by my one and only love, I looked up the squirrel totem. Erratic behavior, preparedness, action, gathering, and conserving energy. Well, what I did not foresee was that evening, all of those aspects rose to the surface of what felt like an all too familiar uncertainty panic attack… you know… one of those moments in life when you ask yourself what I am doing, where am I going, and is there anyone else coming with me on this ship! The great spirit had fore-warned me, and I did not breathe her courageous energy. Does the release of panic and fear, erratic behavior, leave room for those aspects of preparing and allowing the future to bring forward a most exquisite and creative journey? Have I learned or have I gone nuts? The great spirit of nature is all around.


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