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holiday energy and cheer

The holiday season is a beautiful time of year. And it is especially magical to spend some time with nature and re-kindle our inner strength. In between all of the holiday cheer, there can be moments when time seems to be running a little too quick. Here are a couple of helpful hints to swirl the beautiful energy found in all.

Tea: my new favorite – green tea mixed with a dash of centaury herb. Centaury: a very strong bitter herb to help with digestion, especially useful over the holidays with lots of rich foods. Green tea: rich in anti-oxidants.

You can try Bach flower remedies for emotions:

Centaury: difficulty in saying no

Agrimony: cheerful yet mental anguish

Impatiens: last minute shopping and inability for time with self

Beech: irritation with family

Olive:  too fatigued to enjoy the holidays

You can visit the Bach Center home page for more information.

You can also pick up some gentle salts filled with essential oils such as pine, rosemary, or lavender to sniff and use for meditation.

I wish you a beautiful holiday filled with the season of this time!


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