Philosophy, medicine, and homeopathy

water dream

The flow of water has no boundary. It follows the path of least resistance and covers all ground. The magic and beauty of this element is fundamental to life on earth. The properties of water – its ability to move from solid, liquid, and gas – and that water is electrically neutral, may be why it holds many secrets.

Nature cure has its roots in hydrotherapy. Father Sebastien Kneipp was a priest and healer who observed the healing properties of water, by observing a cow with a broken limb walk and stand in a nearby stream each day until its limb healed. Through this observation, he then experimented with changes in water temperature and the use of different water pressures for overcoming illness. His teachings are what is known as water cure – in combination with nutrition, exercise, and spirituality.

Let’s take a look at a few other people who have been looking deeper into the meaning of water…

Masaru Emoto has shown that water has memory, and the transmission of information by way of energy can happen through water. He showed that water formed crystals in response to different words written on a paper, and that more joyful words formed more beautiful crystals, while more negative words created distorted crystals.

Bruce Lipton, a molecular biologist and author of The Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution, describes in an interview that the hydrogen bonds in water are capable of transmitting information by way of energy, and can hold memory of the information in the hydrogen bonds. This memory continuously sends signals to our cells and the overall physiology of our body and mind. Our bodies are more sensitive to electrical signals than chemical signals, since the information transmitted by electrical signals is better transmitted in comparison to chemical, since a certain amount of energy is lost by way of heat through a chemical reaction.

There is much more to discover about the properties of water. And it will be an important quest…


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