Philosophy, medicine, and homeopathy

tune-in to radio nature

To apply homeopathy to ones life means to observe the entirety of ourselves. Homeopathy investigates the physical symptoms, the mental, and the emotional. The aim of homeopathy is to find the key to allow ourselves to feel more at ease, instead of dis-ease, with whatever, whomever, and where-ever we find ourselves. Therefore, we shouldn’t always have to « try » so hard at health. Instead, we can slowly reverse certain conditions by observing gently and tuning-in to better health.

If our mind is in good health, we will have good habits to ensure that we are doing the necessary things to keep our bodies in the best of health they can be.

Our emotions, on the other hand, are also involved and they are as well affected by both mind and body. It is no wonder that someone with high blood pressure is more irritable because there is tension in smooth muscle of the arteries. But then, it is a chicken and the egg scenario. Did you get high blood pressure because you were always tense? Or are you more irritable because you have high blood pressure? Perhaps deep down you know what it is, or maybe you don’t.

There is one rubric (symptom) of the repertory (book to help us find the remedy) that I find particularly interesting. MIND; asks for nothing. This is a symptom, for someone who will never ever say what it is they need. This symptom, in a way, is a societal one – as our society has put such a negative connotation on neediness, that people have abandoned all ways to ask for what they need.

It could also be that this person does not ask for things because of rejection, or fear of rejection, or fear that they will burden someone. Or it could be that even though a person would genuinely like to help, they just can’t seem to find the time or are over-burdened themselves. It could also just be that the person themselves do not know what they need. In turn, people are left feeling empty. Each person will have a different story arriving at a similar place.

A quote I thought of: We all sailed in on different ships, but we are in the same boat now!

One way that this symptom MIND; asks for nothing – can be remedied is through the connection to nature, and to opening our senses to the all-encompassing female energy. To wait and listen to its effects on the body by way of different certain sounds and music, light, heat, and cold. Tuning in, so to speak.

However, keep in mind that there is a symptom MIND; neediness. Nature ensures that we find balance.


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