homeopathy for teething

Here is a list of the most common teething remedies. Keep in mind that for a remedy to work, it is best to match the best indicated remedy with the characteristic symptoms of your child. This includes the symptoms of teething such as the appearance of the gums, fever, pain extending to ear or throat, in addition to the mental and emotional state of the child such as irritable, clingy, calm, restless, etc. More important, the change from their normal state indicates the best remedy.

It is best to stick to one remedy at a time, and not to alternate between different remedies. I usually recommend trying 2-3 doses of a remedy before switching if it is not working.

The best way to know if it is the best remedy: your child will become more calm and return back to normal state.

Here is the list and what to look out for. Your child does not have to express all of the symptoms indicated for the remedy to work, however the closest one that matches is usually best.

Aconite: restlessness which no change of posture or circumstance relieves, child gnaws at fingers, dry heat of head, fever, with cold hands and feet, diarrhea (sometimes constipation), very thirsty for cold water – which relieves gums

Belladonna: child moans, jerking of body parts on falling asleep, face and eyes red, dilated pupils, heat of head, burning hot skin, awakens in fright, aggravation in afternoon at 3pm, very high fever at night, swollen red gum

Borax: child is afraid of downward motion – i.e. will cry or throw arms up when putting child down to bed. Canker sores on gums.

Calcarea-carbonica: head sweats at night, hard and large stools, child’s feet cold and damp, loose rattling cough, swollen neck glands

Calcarea-phosphoricum: peevish and fretful children, cold sweat on face and body cold, squinting from pressure in eyes, ears and tip of nose cold, diarrhea during dentition with lots of gas

Cina: child frequently rubs nose, unusually hungry, restless in sleep and must be kept in motion by rocking, diarrhea after drinking, child wants things and then rejects them when offered, does not like to be looked at, spoken to, or touched, crying out in sleep for water, colicky pains

Chamomilla: when awake, must be constantly carried, one cheek red and the other pale (Bell also), smelly diarrhea, very thirsty for cold water, vomiting of milk, gums red and tender, sleeplessness, dry hacking cough, pain refers to ear

Coffea cruda: very excitable and sleepless, not cross, laughing alternating with crying, feverish from lack of sleep

Ignatia amara: frequent flushes of heat with perspiration, spasms of limbs – with crying or involuntary laughter, sighing after crying

Lycopodium: child sleeps with eyes partly open, throwing head side to side with moaning, cries before urinating, rumbling in abdomen, passing of gas

Staphysagria: child very sensitive physically and emotionally, gums are pale white and sensitive to touch, pot-bellied children, dark look to teeth.

There are many other remedies, these are but a few.

I usually recommend the remedy in a 30C or 200C, one-three times per day or as needed. You can also put the pellet in 8oz glass of water, stir ten times, and give 1/4 tsp of water.


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