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A little reminder to keep ourselves close. These little ones are a bundle of energy. Brings us to the importance of seeds in our diet for nutritional support.

There is a tradition for women to help regulate their menstrual cycle:

Days 1-14: 1 tsp each of ground flax seeds and pumpkin seeds per day – to help regulate estrogen

Days 15-28: 1 tsp each of sesame and sunflower seeds – to help regulate progesterone

To further enhance the cycle, would mean to regulate the cycle with the moon. In the city, this is a little more difficult, as this would mean to appreciate the natural light and dark cycle in our days (as Paulo Coehlo says in Brida… The Tradition of the Sun with the Tradition of the Moon – I encourage to read for more details!). Reducing artificial light in the evening, sleeping in a very dark room, and awakening to natural light.

For men the consumption of seeds are equally important. Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc, flax seeds in omega oils, sesame and sunflower seeds for B vitamins.

Nuts and seeds are high in good fats and so nutritionally they serve as a precursor to cholesterol and hormone synthesis. Cholesterol and hormones, in either excess or deficiency, can cause problems. However, both are crucial to healthy, happy, and vital bodies. In preparing for the spring, what better way to start eliminating bad fats, and replacing with healthy fats. As a bonus, these highly nutritious foods are inexpensive!

I will be sure to indulge in a few myself on a soon-to-be adventure to Morocco!


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