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a case of pneumonia prevention

Case – 72 year old female

I received a call from a woman who has been successfully using homeopathy for over 20 years. She called at the very onset of her cough, which typically turns into pneumonia if not addressed quickly.

She presented with debilitating dry, hacking cough that would continue until she was fatigued. It was worse from talking, eating, and lying down. The cough was caused by a tickle in the throat-pit. Continued coughing caused pain in the chest.

Contrary to her usual state of chilliness, she was warm. Slight fever with perspiration. Typically, she likes having the window open for fresh air. With the cough, however, the air aggravated the cough.

The two keynotes that allowed me to find the right remedy for her cough were: unusual perspiration on her forehead (uncharacteristic to her) and neck, and perspiration as soon as she starts to walk.

She was having alternating chilliness with spontaneous perspiration.

She desired sweets and was thirstless.

I prescribed China officinalis 200, during the chill. The following day, the cough completely resolved.

With homeopathy, it is not a remedy for a disease, but finding the right remedy for the characteristic symptoms. The same remedy can help different conditions, just as the same condition may need a different remedy depending on the individual.


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