Infectious diseases

colds, flus, and the winter blues

With the quick change in temperature, our immune defenses may go down. There is nothing better then rest, warmth, and a few home remedies to help you regain your strength, whether physically and/or emotionally.

Come in for a visit for some added tips to improve your immune system, especially if you are particularly sensitive, in that a simple cold easily turns to bronchitis, pneumonia, or sinusitis, and ear infections or tonsillitis in children. The best methods are finding the right balance of remedies (without overdoing it!) for your system to respond delightfully. Tuning in to your body when you start to feel sick is the first step…

Simple things you could try would be (and doing so while you are healthy is always a good idea):

-end your showers in 10 sec of cold water, to stimulate circulation and lymphatic system

-ensuring adequate daily intake of vitamin D, A, C, and zinc

-having a whole-foods diet, rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables, essential fatty acids, and limiting trans- and saturated foods, and refined sugar (the most important!)

-you can experiment with an ancient folk remedy: Change of Season Soup – a tea that combines a few Chinese medicine herbs

-using a neti pot for nasal rinse

-using a sun lamp at the office

Other important measures you could take would be homeopathy to stimulate your immune system. Homeopathic remedies are substances derived from nature that help your body to recover. There are a variety of remedies to choose from, and so, to be sure to select the best one, come in for a visit and I will help you. Finding the right remedy may increase the speed of recovery.

For most cases, our immune system will take care of a cold or flu in a few days, however, if it tends to drag on, be sure to take action sooner than later.

While preventive measures do not always guarantee the absence of sickness, it is an important step to help your body to recover more quickly and efficiently.


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