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what is pain sayin’?

I must say, I was a little glad to read this article in the Montreal Gazette today, written by a retired physician.

Identifying the cause of pain is the first step to relieve suffering. It could be neurological, inflammatory, scarring, displacement of organs, referred pain, circulatory, and the list goes on. And in many instances, the cause of the pain is not so easily identifiable and may be diagnosed as psychosomatic. When faced with chronic pain, treatment that is supposed to address the cause of the pain, may not actually do so. And so, what happens to all those theories on causes of pain?

I am encountered with many of the above situations as a naturopathic doctor. I have worked with people who suffer from unknown rheumatic pain, multiple sclerosis, chronic back pain, sciatic, to name a few. Some with greater success then others, and from my experience, the ones who stick to homeopathy long-term, achieve the greatest results.

I like that he says in the article, « It is clear the combative approach doesn’t work. » This sheds light on the more important realization that the more we attack the body, the worse it gets, and the idea of « not liking something about ourselves », namely pain, is not giving ourselves the compassion in order to heal. In other words, increasing anxiety surrounding the pain proves to be counter-productive.

He also says, « We have to find a new way to conceptualize chronic pain. » My response would be of course, that the answer must come from the person! And might I add, all answers must come from the person; namely intuition of the body, mind, and what the spirit is saying.


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