Environmental medicine

ND talking about greenspace

Upcoming author, and Naturopathic Doctor Alan C Logan presents his latest research on your « brain on nature » in an interview with the David Suzuki Foundation. I hope my green-friendly friends are equally excited as me to read his book!


Part of this movement is reflective of the need for environmental sustainability, and the impacts of pollution and chemicals on our health. Environmental medicine, a branch of medicine that takes a careful look at human behaviors and the effect on the ecosystem and on our health, is a growing field of research. More information can be found through the Canadian Association for Physician of the Environment http://www.cape.ca/ and the Children’s Environmental Health Project http://www.cape.ca/children/.

Tips for industry include sustainable energy, water safety and usage, consumer product regulation (reducing heavy metals, phtalates, dioxins, etc) – this includes household products, toys, clothes, food and beverages, drugs, naturals health products, over-the-counter medicines, cosmetics, and technology. On a personal level, your environmental footprint can be greatly reduced by choosing home-care products and behavioral choices that reduce harmful toxins, wasteful electricity and water, recycling, and choosing recycled products or building materials. The greatest impact for the need to establish awareness in this field reflects the earth’s water, forestry, and fauna (habitat infrastructure for wild animals).

You could also check out the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, which is a peer-reviewed open-access journal on environmental health http://ehp03.niehs.nih.gov/home.action

While making all of these changes is a challenge, doing a few changes and staying educated will be a great start.


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