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burn-out and salivary cortisol hormone

New research coming from Montreal is confirming what Naturopathic Doctors have been doing for a long time….

Cortisol, the hormone responsible for coping to stress, in normal conditions is lowest in the evening and peaks in the morning. People under chronic mental stress, or who are exposed to other physical stressors that affects melatonin production (sleep-wake cycles), poor blood sugar control or excess carbohydrates in the diet, thryoid dysfunction, to name a few, are all interconnected with cortisol production. Cortisol is very important for regulating the immune system.

The theory that cortisol may become depleted from chronic stress, is no news. This theory was first developed by Hans-Selye who coined the term General Adaptation Syndrome.

Salivary hormone testing is one of the many tests that NDs use to determine an alternative reason for your health concerns, that are otherwise unresponsive to conventional treatments, or that offer a more holistic approach centered on prevention.

Apart from this test, Naturopathic Doctors will offer solutions and tools to get to the root of the problem of burn-out and offer individually-targeted treatment regimes and counseling techniques to reduce symptoms and better cope with stress.


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