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case study: remedy for acute tonsilitis and sinusitis

Although we are slowly moving out of throat and sinus season, I wanted to write about another recovery with homeopathy, and the importance of understanding symptoms that the disease is expressing, together with the individuality of the person.

A patient called with acute tonsillitis, with no amelioration from conventional antibiotics. Here are the details of the case, which symptoms were important to consider for homeopathy, the choice of remedy, and the response.

A 28 year old female patient with acute tonsilitis. Profuse green discharge from the nose in the morning only, stringy. Throat pain: as of needles, stinging on swallowing. The pain was made worse by talking, and by touch. Her cervical glands were enlarged and painful to touch. She was very thirsty for cold drinks. She had a chill, made worse by motions, however, the congestion in the sinus was better from motion and moving around. Overall, she had desire to move and restlessness, predominantly with getting her work done. She had difficulty sleeping, which she felt did not help her infection. She experienced ear pain on yawning. She was made better by wrapping herself up very warmly, and by lying on the painful side. Since the onset of the infection, she was acutely sensitive to noise.

I asked her if she was under particular stress, and she confirmed that over the last three months, she has been under stress working late hours indoors (usual stress) and that the infection does not seem to resolve. I asked her if she felt there was something that may have precipitated the onset of her symptoms, and the only thing she could think of was that she had consumed more beer than what she normal does, before this all started.

In acute prescribing, the etiology, or precipitating factors, can be very important clues to the remedy. It is not to say that every time she has beer she will become sick, however, given the circumstances of her current stress and possibly the exposure to a viral or bacterial infection during the winter, she was not able to fight it off.

With ‘ailments from beer drinking’, and green stringy discharge of the nose, it seems that Kali-bichromicum is a good fit. However, the desire for cold drinks and better from wrapping warmly, together with sinus congestion better from motion, pointed me to Rhus-toxicodendron. I had her take one dose, 200D. And the following day, all her symptoms resolved to 99%. No follow-up necessary.


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