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sparsely for parsley?

Are you one of those people who avoid the parsley on their plate?

Well, there may be some reason to have a little nibble or chew! Parsley is not only a decorative garnish. It has been known to help with bad breath. And if that is not a good enough reason…well then, continue to read!

Henry Lindlahr, a pioneer of naturopathic medicine once said:  »Our head cook is our chief pharmacist! »

Eating is not just satisfying hunger. Food is your first line of defense for a magnitude of health conditions.

Preparing your own foods is an art and practice in and of itself. It starts with:

  • planning your meals according to your health and/or preference (usually what you want tells you a little something about your state of health),
  • to what foods are in season and for a reason,
  • to choosing your food (why not look for the best?),
  • preparing your food in a calm and relaxing environment,
  • smelling the food before it is cooked, and the aromas while cooking,
  • enjoying a meal with friends or family, or in the peace of yourself.

All of these stimulate your senses and create a positive relationship to your food.

So what about parsley? It has been shown to have anti-bacterial effects against many food borne pathogens. It is a potent anti-oxidant and reduces lipid peroxidation from its biochemical contents of apigenin and apiol. The antioxidant effects of parsley are increased by simmering, soup making, and stewing, decreased by grilling and frying, and preserved with refrigeration and cold maceration. Parsley has traditionally been used as a diuretic, appetite stimulant, and to provide digestive relief. The root has been used during the time of Hippocrates as a general tonic – for a variety of health concerns and to stimulate health. In vitro and in vivo studies have found that the aerial parts of parsley show estrogenic activity, similar to isoflavones from soybean. This has implications for breast cancer, pregnancy, and osteoporosis – particularly parsley oil. However, taking parsley in dietary amounts will unlikely provide any significant effect.

But, knowing these properties enhances conscious food consumption, and possibly, sustainable eating.

Washing your parsley very well is important.

And so, this important culinary herb, in small amounts, can add a little bit of health to your meals!


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