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FREE natural childbirthing workshop for mom and partner!

As part of Naturopathic Medicine Week (NMW) 2012, I will be giving a free talk on

Promoting a Natural Childbirth on Thursday May 10th from 6:30pm-8:30 pm at my clinic, 1173 Mont-Royal Ouest, Outremont. The workshop will be for both mom and partner. I will teach mom and partner how to use acupressure during childbirth, how to apply homeopathy, and what tips you could do to recover post-partum. The workshop will cover gentle techniques that do not harm mom or baby, and will encourage a love-based approach to childbirthing!

The feature of the week for NMW is a debate between André Saine, ND (President QANM), and Joe Schwarcz, PhD (McGill Science and Society): Should naturopathic medicine be regulated in Quebec and should naturopathic doctors be allowed a full scope of practice? It will be held Tuesday May 8th at 7:30pm, McGill Stewart Biology Building, 1205 Dr Penfield, Room S 1/4. It promises to be a very lively debate! Visit the QANM website for more information and to see the complete listing of NMW events.


2 réflexions au sujet de « FREE natural childbirthing workshop for mom and partner! »

  1. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it tomorrow because I have an appointment tomorrow evening.
    But when debating with this Dr. Joe, try not to get your emotion in your arguments.
    This guy is only good at staying his cool and finds way to attack you.
    For example, this morning, he said that he’ll give you a million dollar if you prove blah, blah… this kind of game is very immature, and it’s just all hypothetical question/ « what-if » scenario that he’s tossing around.
    This guy is really really good at playing words and doing these kind of things to get his debate opponent all heat-up and waste time and get emotional. Whenever he asks you hypothetical things that you think are non realistical, don’t spend time on it, and skip to your next argument.

    Take move offensive moves, and not defensive move in a debate!!

    Dr. Joe is also very good at « throwing big names / academic names/ research » at people.

    Try this: Throw Linus Pauling, the ONLY two-time unshared Nobel prize winner, at him. I’m sure he doesn’t read Dr. Pauling’s paper and research.
    Dr. Joe is very ignorant of all the scientific research that have been done by many prominent scientists. He thinks that he holds all the knowledge out there. But he doesn’t.

    Throw at him names like: Dr. Gerson, Dr. Burzynski (the non-invasive treatment that cures the first child brain tumour 100% on this earth to-date),

    Good luck !!


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