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healthy homes

I recently gave a talk at Ericsson, on Approach to a Healthy Home. It was wonderfully received by the attendees. My advice was, with the ongoing chemicals and toxins in the environment, try to make changes one-step at a time, towards things you can change. The home environment, which is much greater to control, is a good start. Your workplace, hospitals, shopping centres, etc require more heavy duty chemicals because of the number of people in a small space. In a family dwelling, this is less so. Make your home environment reflective of nature and reduce your ecological footprint.

What I found great about walking into Ericsson was that in their reception area, were many plants that I discussed in my lecture, as the top ten to absorb formaldehyde and other off-gasing! Way to go!!

Please contact me if you would like more information about making your home more healthy, or would like me to come to your workspace to give a lecture. Wellness makes prevention possible…


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