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love and finding the authentic self

LoveI have recently read a fantastic book on one of the most simplest, yet complicated elements to life! Love!! by Leo Buscaglia. He opens the book with a seminar that he gave, and goes on in the book to elaborate on each of his perspectives through the other chapters in his book. I wanted to share a few of his insights on finding love, primarily through the authentic self, and the result being compassion and satisfaction!

Quoted from Love by Leo Buscaglia:

« The main function is to help unfold the true Self. »

« Affording all persons the opportunity to show their feelings, express their aspirations, and share their dreams. »

« See the forces labeled as ‘evil’ as emanating from suffering people who, like themselves, are human and in the process of attempting to perfect their beings. »

« Understand that change is inevitable, and that when it is directed in love and self realization, it is always good. »

« Learn that we cannot be loved by everyone. That is the ideal. One person can be the finest plum in the world, ripe, juicy, sweet, succulent and offer the plum to all. But must remember that not all people like plums. If one is the finest plum in the world, and the person that he/she loves does not like plums, there is a choice to become a banana. But it is warned that if one chooses to become a banana, he/she will become a second rate banana. But will always be the finest plum. »

« One does not love to be loved; one loves to love. » 


Une réflexion au sujet de « love and finding the authentic self »

  1. Hi Melanie,

    I can still recall viewing Leo’s lectures on public television in the states, perhaps 30 ago.. He was passionate, ardent, in his pleas to his listeners that all of living was about love.It would be lovely to see those talks once again.


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