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the human ecosystem

An interesting article in the Economist writes on the body as an ecosystem, primarily that of bacterial balance in mucous membranes and the skin. These bacteria have been shown to link to various chronic metabolic disorders such as high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes, and quite possible links to chronic auto-immune conditions and autism. Furthermore, there appears to be scientific inquiry into the nature of bacterial flora, as in that there is a genetic (microbiome) or inherited tendency passed on.
With this knowledge, medical experts are targeting treatments that change, affect, or bypass gastrointestinal bacteria metabolism. From a nature doc perspective, this too can be very useful in targeting various treatment regimes to support a healthy bacteria and to better utilize metabolic processes from a full-systems approach, with the idea that the body, given the appropriate conditions for life, can find a balance. Subsequent to this post I will write on a current book that I am reading on psycho-neuro-immuno-endocrinology that writes on the effect of stress, thoughts, and emotions on the immune and hormone (or metabolic) system stemming from the brain and nervous system. It is a fascinating read, and one avenue to consider exploring in disease management or healing, when medications fail or do not improve quality of life.


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