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a simple question with a bright ending

A simple question that has so much meaning, and that a wonderful guide of mine has told me many times, but took a while to sink in:

What is mine to do?

As we look to nature for clues about life, philosophy, inspiration, and meaning, this can unravel many insightful questions and answers about what surrounds us. It is indeed one truth that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. However, what about that part? Is not that part just as, if not equally, as important as the whole?

When we think of what is mine, it is often associated with a possession, namely, material. However, when we ask, what is mine as part of the whole? If we have an A part, and a B part, and we want to create or develop a C part, but A and B do not bring us to C, then only one option remains. Looking at the option x… in that, trying something else, anything else (like in mathematics for example, the « x » could denote any number…. of things), and perhaps that different x will arrive at that C.

And so, that mine then becomes quite infinite, and not so much a material possession after all.


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