alternative to sleeping pills

Here is an interesting article in the United Kingdom’s the Guardian, that features the British Medical Journal February 2012 study on the negative outcomes of prolonged sleeping pill usage. It presents a balanced view on prescription medication and its history of development, cultural changes of sleep hygiene, as well as some suggestions to manage and cope with sleep difficulties

Might I add, my approach to help sleep revolve around establishing your circadian rhythm, reducing sympathetic nervous activity and increasing parasympathetic activity, and having a look in detail about your hormones. What to do about it? There are many approaches that include taking some things out, adding some things in…looking at your stresses in life and how you cope… and most successfully, looking at a daily routine of breathing exercises!!

Some time spent daily using a variety of techniques that would include examples such as alternate nostril breathing and deep abdominal breathing. These are best done for increasing parasympathetic tone while are you sitting down, and not while exercising (that is good too, but that is for another part of your day). Remember, the diaphragm and intercostal muscles are muscles, and need to be worked out. And your nerves, of parasympathetic activity, also need to be stimulated. The parasympathetic is the branch of your nervous system that shuts out the external world (as opposed to the sympathetic that responds to your external world) and focuses on digestion, sleep, and healing.

And well, your brain on nature is a good habit too! Likewise, sound therapy. But most importantly, do not consider yourself a failure if you cannot find the solution naturally!! It will come…


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