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on the expression of the depression of healing

20Pretty flower at Palo verdeThe experience of life is a continual balance and exchange of energy. We feel better and we make others feel better. We heal, we learn, and we teach. We give and we receive.

The symptoms that we experience, such as cares and worries, anxiety and fears, anguish and depression, heartburn and inflammation, pain and fatigue; are all a representation that the body is working to maintain life given the circumstances. When the elements that contribute to the expression of the symptoms are removed, then healing may take place and suffering lessens.

Medicines are to target the dis-ease, that which otherwise when the contributing factors have been removed or recovered and pain is still there, will encourage the body to heal. Some people, but not all, are encouraged by gentle and safe medicines. Others, more aggressive and quick. The more you get to know yourself, the better you can be at selecting those medicines that work best for you.

If those contributing factors or obstacles cannot be removed, then it is important to understand that those obstacles are in place for a reason, a protection. The protection is not the disease, but yet another expression. It is not up to us to decide or even to predict, that if those protective measures were not in place, that something worse could possibly happen. A person always knows when the protective expression, whether good or bad, no longer serves them and is ready to move on.

It is important to not suppress expression, but to encourage it. To let it be. Once the freedom of expression is truly felt, then healing may happen. Whether it « cures » disease may not always result depending on the stage of disease and its progression, organic and pathological change, or irreversible changes to tissue. However, the mind must not think that this is not possible. It is only the best guess or hypothesis, and doctors, like scientists and artists, use both guesses and expression to encourage you. It is not a miracle, but a known fact that the body can heal itself.

Yoga and meditation is a beautiful way to develop your inner expression.


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