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The winter can bring a challenge for some. The shorter days, cCreative Visualization By: Gawain,Shaktiolder weather, added expenses, etc. This year I felt it too. On a particularly dark day, I was having trouble turning my mood around. I thought about what is often recommend to do: accept how you are feeling and this too shall pass. Further to that, instead of being hard on myself for feeling this way, I let myself be and just imagined in my own eye, what I would look like if I could be experiencing joy and happiness at that time. I did not try to change who I was, but just imagined. A few hours later, the field of negativity lifted and I was able to return to normal. This practice, of visualization, is a simple and effective tool you can use for yourself, and for your kids. A great tool to explore for the new year! This book is great to read to further some ideas and thoughts about visualizing and bringing success and happiness to your life.


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