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healing the causes of mood disorder

Practice being, and being you shall be.

I have narrowed down the three likely causes of depression, or some form of mood disorder, to fall into one or all of the following systems:

1- a neuro-chemical or neurotransmitter deficiency – likely as a result of prolonged stress, family history, acute grief or trauma, or dietary deficiency

2- dysfunction in the autonomic nervous system – where one of the two branches, either the sympathetic or the parasympathetic, is either overstimulated or understimulated

3- A problem with overall life satisfaction and happiness

The first one if the bio-medical model of depression. A deficiency in serotonin is the cause of depression. Often times, this is the result of an underlying imbalance – which could be dietary, stress-induced, trauma-induced. This lends itself to the second cause – a dysfunction in the autonomic nervous system. In my view, this is one of the leading causes, and a holistic approach to managing depression can often be managed, or co-managed, with such practices of conscious relaxation – in efforts to target some of the underlying unconscious happenings of the nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system influence sleep, digestion, and healing (or immune system), and the sympathetic is your fight-or-flight stress resolver. Fluctuations in these can lead to dietary issues, sleep problems, and possibly neuro-transmitter changes. Finally, this lends itself to the third cause – a problem with happiness – which can largely be both conscious and unconscious awareness of life goals, beliefs, and indicators of success and fulfillment.

These are a few of the ways I would approach underlying mood or negative thought patterns, and greatly reflect my principles to incorporate full-body approaches to health.


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