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pathways to wellness

« I know what I need to do, I just need to do it. » « I should be drinking more water. » « I should be exercising. » « I should eat more healthy. » « That’s all I need to do to feel better. » How often do we say this to ourselves?

I say, what makes you smile? I then I ask to be more specific with yes or no: nature, funny situations, drinking water, crying, bathing, etc…. and I go through the list of simple things that human beings do. When we have gone through the list, I go back to the ones that were answered yes, and ask which ones resonate the most. Then I say, « now when you do those things, affirm to yourself that they have made you feel better. » And smile after you have done it. Tell yourself, thanks, this is what my body needs right now. And if it no longer works, then maybe there is another on the list.

These are simple exercises to help people out of burn-out.

You have two options: you can successfully distract yourself from feeling your body and avoid all symptoms, or you can be gentle to your body and when something comes up, identify what it needs and determine if its the right thing. Distraction can be useful, but do we always use it wisely?

I think all too often in society we think that if we do « what people say » this will make us feel better. Impossible, since our body is the only one that can successful lift us from a place of exhaustion.

There is only one virtue that is needed: patience. Like a gardener planting a seed, it waits for the fruits to grow. The angry will get frustrated that there is no fruit and pull the seed out. However, patience does not mean doing nothing. As we see when the stream of water is diverged, it flows a different way because a rock was placed at a critical point. We need to assess whether the rock needs to be moved, or we learn to live with the rock and appreciate the new direction of the stream.


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