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what is homeopathy anyway?

I am going to try and explain here the difference between homeopathy and conventional medicine. They are two very different systems of medicine. It is not to say that one is better than the other, but to say that there is a difference in approach. To understand homeopathy, means to let go of the common understand of what we are treating when we speak of disease.

Disease, as we commonly know it, is a collection of symptoms. Diagnosis, is to call a collection of symptoms that appears to be common among a large population. It attempts to generalize what you are experiencing and call it something. Most of the time, this medical approach works, but sometimes it fails. If you are one who has experienced a mis-diagnosis, or doctors cannot classify what you have, it is important to not get angry. This is just the approach that conventional doctors know to be true and to understand, and to guide them towards treating you.

Naturopathic doctors aim to think outside the box. They do not reject diagnosis, but we take a step away temporarily, and look a little deeper inside to where things went wrong, and to focus not so much on the naming or generalizing of a disease, but the small symptoms, or your body’s communication (both physical and mental).

Conventional medicine aims to treat the disease, or the « common » symptoms, using large doses of medicines, that have an effect that can be explained using the theories that the body heals by way of ligands and receptors (this means, the medicine enters the body, and has an effect on the tissue). When we take a medication, drug, or even food, the body has a primary reaction and usually it is improvement of symptoms. However, the secondary reaction, which is part of the notion of homeostasis, is then to create new symptoms (known as side effects) or to create a dependency. This is a necessary process.

Homeopathic medicine uses diluted doses of what we know as implausible because there is no substance left.

The way I have observed it to work, is that the remedy seemingly tricks the body, or jump starts the body. Because the substance is so small, the body begins to search for the « thing » that you gave it – only to cause confusion. This confusion, commonly termed aggravation, is the primary reaction to the substance. The body reacts by trying to find the substance, and little symptoms start to appear. In this search, the body then begins to recognize that there is actually a problem, namely the chronic and acute disease, and then begins to take the necessary steps to heal itself of the problem or disease you wish to address. It sounds simple, but in practice, it is hard to master and difficult to understand what is going on in the body, because of circumstance, the environment, different stresses, etc. All of these also influence the body.

This is where a practitioner can help – both to select a good remedy for you, and to sort through some of the confusion about where your body is going. Remedies themselves are described as energy medicine. And in general, homeopathy begins to create the energy necessary for your body to heal.

From my experience, I liken health and healing to surfing. There are times when you need to wait, times when you need to paddle hard, and then that time when you catch the wave.


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