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The Big List

I wanted to start writing of an inward journey. Much of what I do as a naturopathic doctor is to help people on that journey. Whether it be finding nature to support your body, or whether it is talking about what aspects of your life require a little attention. Of course, I cannot practice and teach what I do not actively apply to my own life. And so, I wanted to share a little about how I have been actively applying both nature and attention to my life.

That attention, in my heart, is felt deep within. The power to transform oneself is not seen by the eyes of those around us, but by the eyes as seen from our higher self, or higher love. From a religious perspective, or from an anthropomorphic view of God, this is referred to « by the eyes of God. » For myself, the heart is God. Following a path that opens the heart and free up the self to value every moment for what it is, contribute to a life of service and compassion for others, to faithfully heal your wounds, and to feel inside the expansion of an authentic mind. I will call this the Big List. It is big, because a single check mark or a cross off to say that it is done, unfortunately never seemingly happens, but there are hallmarks, synchronicity and moments in time that allow us to place a Gold Star beside one on the list.

Sounds like a big list, and by no means am I an expert in any of the Big List.

Healing a wound, or many wounds, is probably a big one. Those wounds are carried around for so many years, yet they don’t seemingly have an impact until they are re-opened or we find ourselves stuck in the same pattern.

The process to healing wounds requires attention, but not too much and too little, because there are other important factors on the Big List. I wanted to use this blog to write a little about some of the ways I have used nature to help me with the Big List. Please stay tuned, more entries to come.


Une réflexion au sujet de « The Big List »

  1. I look forward to your blog Mel. The Big List is one of the things that I have frequently on my mind as well and how to get over the « wounds » and not be reactive but proactive. The Big picture is the main idea and not the busyness of life – however we need to recognize the moments that bring the memories and the joy. It is like a giant jig saw puzzle of memories, good and bad and how to get the good to dominate the « not so good ». I’ve writiten a retirement course to give in the fall and some of these proactive ideas are part of the plan – anything to try and self-actualize and reach potential and enjoy those moments between the duties and the responsibilities.

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