Childhood remedies for Hay fever

iStock_000011447049XSmallChildhood remedies for acute hay fever, homeopathy – using the whole picture. To select the remedy, you look at the regular symptoms of hay fever, plus match the rest of the symptom picture to how they are like when sick.

Bromium: hot flashes, flush faced, oversensitive to heat, difficulty breathing, heart palpitations, symptoms come on in hot humid weather, swelling of glands, hot heads, aggravated in hot room, better for exercise and in open air, but very sensitive to cold drafts, chronic enlarged tonsils, frontal sinus pain, hoarse voice, attacks of croupy cough with painful constriction in larynx and sensitive to touch (DDx Lachesis), extremely sensitive to dust (allergies worse inside), asthma with constriction sensation (better seaside), constriction of chest in the wind

Gelsemium: droopy eyelids, heaviness of the head, weakness in the limbs, anxious and hysterical, emotions aggravate, fear of falling, wants to be alone, stage-fright, ailments from anticipation of any event, worse in damp weather or thunderstorm, headaches

Allium-cepa: headaches with watery nose, mucus in larynx causing cough, hoarse voice (laryngitis), sneezing on entering warm room (DDx Bromium and Pulsatilla), profuse watery nasal discharge that is excoriating (burns nose and lip), profuse water eyes (DDx Euphrasia has burning watery eyes, non-excoriating nasal discharge)

Euphrasia: eyes glued shut in the morning (DDx Pulsatilla), continual watery eyes that burn, symptoms come in with South wind, aggravation in the evening

Iodium: restlessness, irritable and impulsive, large appetites, exhausted if does not eat or headaches from hunger, thin, sensitive to heat and hot baths, stuffiness at root of nose, hot watery discharge from  nose and watery eyes, asthmatic breathing better in open air, hoarse and painful larynx, croupy cough with hot dry skin (DDx Ars – chilly, Iodium is hot). DDx Bryonia (chest pain worse movement), Bromium, and Sulphur.

Sabadilla: face hot and eyelids red and burning, sneezing followed by tearing, burning water discharge from nose, dryness of the throat, great sleepiness in forenoon (between 10am-12pm), chilly and prefers warmth

Histaminum: fullness of the stomach, nausea while eating, allergies, asthma, sensation of constriction in chest, suffocating cough with tickling in throat, dryness of nose with blocked nose, dry throat

Pulsatilla: yellow discharge from nose, clingy, weepy, trouble falling asleep, averse to sun, worse in hot room


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