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sustainable recovery

To medicate, or not to medicate…that is the question!! Many people wonder whether to go the natural route or to try a medication. Well, the decision is yours! The most common question I get is: how long will it take for natural medicine to work? Unfortunately, the answer is not simple, not because the science is not there, but because of the principle that the aim of naturopathic medicine is to use remedies, lifestyle changes, social changes, environmental changes, etc to bring the body back to balance. Healing is a natural process – since the body is nature in and of itself. Every person’s recovery time is unique to themselves. Take this as a special gift that is unique to you!!

With conventional medicine, you are taking medicines that work, because they are synthetic derived at a high enough concentration to elicit a desired response within a certain time frame, thus giving the person a definite answer to the time it takes to feel better. However, this comes at a cost because the natural healing process may be suppressed by the medication (in some instances) or cause further problems.

The natural human tendency when we are having a bad day is to say that it is not working. However, what we know of disease, in any state-physical, mental, or emotional, is that it comes and goes, waxes and wanes, and tends to go up and down. When we are choosing to heal ourselves, we have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture: is the frequency and intensity of occurrence improving or changing? And for each person and for different diseases, this perspective may need to be taken over a period of three weeks to three months to 1 year. 

For chronic disease, when you choose to introduce a change, I recommend that at the end of each day, you place a check mark for the days you feel great, and then give yourself a time frame of 3 weeks or more (depending on the intensity of your condition) and reassess if the frequency and intensity is changing. This way, you are becoming your own physician. Taking a step back and observing your body from a birds eye view, will help detach yourself to the emotional attachment to the anxiety around getting better. This is itself will be speed up the process to recovery, I assure you!!

And then, with each health challenge, comes another that tests if you are indeed working this through! In this way, one can learn how to heal and to reduce this need for instant gratification – with some exceptions for serious emergencies of course…

On another note, there is something to be said about « doing what you have always wanted to do. » i.e. the bucket list in life. Well, those simple things may actually be a key to healing as well. I recently had an adventure doing one thing that I have always wanted, and while there was no fire crackers during the time of the event (and it was relatively short-lived), it was the after effect of fulfillment and realizing that I have felt spiritually the benefits of a single purpose, and that purpose had reason and meaning. May you be your best friend! 


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