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healing from the heart

Some may ask, why Yellowknife? It seems the last place in Canada, literally on the map! Well, I have to say that Yellowknife for me, and I can say for many, is a place of healing.

People come to Yellowknife for different reasons: some for money, others for love, and some for adventure. If you like nature, this is the place. You do not have to go far to get a 10 min dose of brain relaxation among nature’s most pristine landscapes, clear horizons, and complete stillness.

The swirling northern lights are magic, the summer sun is energizing, and the winter cold is strengthening.

I think it is for these reasons that I came to Yellowknife, and partly, because I too needed healing.

When we are forced to leave something we love, it is painful, no matter what people say: get over it, it will pass. And it will. But, staying stuck in the pain is no fun.

I have had chronic pain as a result of many insults to the body, and a deep desire to « push through the pain. » Any dancer would know that the joy of dance, coupled with the perfection of mastering an art form, can be devastating when the tools can no longer function. These tender moments in my life, where choices and decisions mattered, escaped my consciousness and it was time to begin the search. In this search, I always felt the need to dance, but simply couldn’t. I could not go back to the harsh criticism, judgment, and unfairness that can often be found in artistic communities. The hustle and bustle of the city trickles in to the artist centers and also becomes a hub of competition.

When I came to Yellowknife, I found the unexpected.

I found a beautiful community of people who supported each other, encouraged, and valued work, creativity, and insight, regardless of experience, level of talent, or people you know. Here, it does not matter where you’re from, because almost everyone is from somewhere else. What matters is that you are here, present, and willing to share with people. The level of exchange is none other that I have experienced in a big city.

I fulfilled my challenge and started to dance again. And I was able to do it because of the people here. In turn, I feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction, and I no longer have the longing I once had when I had to let it go.

It was not only among the artists and dancers that I received such ease, but in the medical community as well. People here care about each other, and will check-in. Health care providers communicate, in a kind and cordial way, to each other. It is not so formal, but very respectful. Isn’t it great as a patient to know that your health care providers are kind to each other? When you are sick, do you want the people caring for you arguing about whose treatments is better? Just ask the patient.

Being a naturopathic doctor in unregulated provinces is a challenging task. In Quebec, especially, is a harsh environment. However, there are places in Quebec that are absolutely wonderful, full of culture, joy de vivre, and just good fun. It is not uncommon that beautiful people come from the harshest places. I guess home is always where the heart is, but healing can take place anywhere.


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