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on the topic of addiction: taboo!

I wanted to touch on the subject of addiction – a mental health concern that can go unnoticed for years, and may even be hidden, but when it reaches its heights can be crumbling and debilitating. 

This blog post is a little bit depressing, however, this place needs to be visited – and even frequently – when battling an addiction.

An addiction can mean different things for different people. It can be the process of pealing the layers of societal pressure, it can be the final stages of letting go of the ego. Whatever it may signify, one thing for certain is that the louder it speaks, is when the symptoms are obvious that what needs to be cured, and this is a critical time to acknowledge that the disease of the mind is taking over, and not to fall into its grasp. 

Ann Dowset Johnston speaks of her battle with alcoholism in this very relevant podcast, a must listen for anyone suffering or witnessing someone who suffers from alcoholism. 

What was very prominent in this podcast was: 1) its an addiction when you cant stop and 2) alcoholism, whether a disease or lifestyle, can take its grasp over a long time – 12 years. I think what Ann Dowset also says that it is of course not necessarily a problem for everyone, but we may not even notice it, when it does become a problem. It is a somewhat a silent « disease ». 

And what it is so interesting, is that those who suffer, tend to suffer alone. That society may not consider it so much a disease, unless there are very obvious signs. And that no one really talks about the prevalence of drinking in our society.

Like Ann Dowset, I am  not a prohibitionist, however, like smoking, it was once thought to be safe. I think it is not so much the drink that is the problem, but the tendency to be addicted. Once in a while these products can help, but a lifetime may have some effect. It is a matter of choice.


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