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meditation on intuition

iStock_000016009602XSmall While I was dancing today in a wonderful Nia class, I had a beautiful message come to mind. It was during the standing meditation, my favorite time of the class, when the wonderful instructor guides us along a journey while we are standing and remaining present to our body, and simply feeling the creative energy from having expressed through dance. It is the time when I can almost instantly feel my body release tension when I focus on listening to that area.

I was standing in my body, and for some reason, I felt very old. The feeling I had was very clear. This was a preparation for what is to come. It is a « feeling », and it serves a very important purpose. I was not scared of the feeling, instead it gave me a sense of ease knowing that this is something I am preparing for. The idea of intuition came refreshingly clear:

Intuition: preparation for another present moment…


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