worry bubbles for kids

It can be very heartbreaking to witness our kids begin to worry at a young age. It can manifest in their sleep, eating habits, transitions to school, and in social interactions. As parents, we sometimes forget what it is like to have a child’s mind, and we may sometimes expect that our child can reason through it. When worrying is becoming a daily thing, here is a simple technique to help your kids to let go.This was a technique I learned from a wonderful pediatric mentor at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

First begin by having a conversation about worry and anxiety with your child. Explain that sometimes worries can feel like bubbles in our head or tummies, or other places. Everyone has worries, and we can teach ourselves to let them go.

Have a bottle of bubbles. Tell your child to think about the worry, and imagine that you are blowing the worry into the bubble. Imagine the worry inside the bubble and watch it float away, far from you, and watch it pop. Once it has popped, the worry is gone. Keep blowing bubbles until your child seems more relaxed. After a few, ask your child if the worry seems better? Are you feeling more relaxed?

The idea behind this exercise is to aid with your child’s imagination in letting go of bubbles. Also, the act of breathing helps the body to relax. Bigger worries can have bigger and deeper bubbles, with a huge inspiration and exhalation!


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