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why naturopathic medicine is a new science

Have you ever sensed a feeling in the room? Have you had good and bad days? Have you felt the suffering of a child? Have you experienced the perfect happiness while dancing or watching dance? Or another art form? Have you felt compassion? Have you misdirected your compassion?

These are human emotions. They cannot be reproduced in a pill, they cannot be measured in the blood. They are an energy – you give compassion, you receive artistic expression, you receive someone’s feelings, you give empathy, you give anger.

How can this be healed? It is an energy. And this where I believe a whole new field of research needs to be explored – the energy of the body, how it relates to feelings, emotions, memory, imagination, etc…. These are not biochemical reactions – although one would argue that it is related to serotonin, dopamine, etc. (which I have extensively studied and continue to study), and these may even be as a result of energy. Plus, what you put into your body releases itself as energy, and possibly symptoms if the energy is not directed. Symptoms here or there are not necessarily a cause for concern, but ongoing expression of symptoms may point to something more serious.  How can we calculate this on a regular basis? Is it a one time thing or an accumulation over years? Generations? Possibilities are endless… what do we know of energy? It can neither be created nor destroyed. And this leads us to risk, and assessing your health risk outcome.

I wish that research could be so simple and accessible that everyone could do it, who has an idea. A scientist begins with observation. And I observe, that many people express different degrees of sensitivity.

It is the same principle as to: why certain individuals recover, and others do not. Prognosis only fits a certain percentage. Why? Because nature intended variability and different degrees and angles. Good doctoring is a mathematical expression.

We all know when someone has good « energy, » and this is what we strive for. Energy is found in nature – we feel it when we go for a walk in the woods, from the sunlight, from the nutrients of the food we eat, from the purity of the air we breathe. Partly, we can clear up blockages using medicine (both conventional and naturopathic) when those other energy channels are not working well anymore.

The science of naturopathic medicine is in prevention. We do treat, however, our objective is to prevent health from getting worse, given the nature of time, and to work collaboratively with modern medicine to extend life. Our profession has been around for a while, but for reasons that only truth can tell, have not been well studied – both in the art of medicine, the philosophy of healing and the nature of the body and of the individual. A collaboration is in my deepest aspiration. And, generations of eager individuals looking beyond what is already confirmed that still remains unresolved.


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  1. There was an interview on the radio this morning trying to discount the use of supplements for one thing, but on the opposing side, it appears that more and more people are turning to Naturopath medicine and one was quoted as putting her Naturopathic doctor as her primary health care given. People want to be listened to, and it often is the Naturopathic doctor who is willing to do that.

    1. I think it is great the discussion is out there. It seems that science tends to be undecided or inconclusive on a lot of things, but the truth is having a good ear to listen can really make a difference. There are so many cooks in the kitchen right now, that I think it leaves the patient confused about who to listen to. I think, with a good model in place, this collaborative instead of top-down approach can be solved.

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