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the power of silence…

The other day someone described the sensation when we return to a place that we haven’t visited since childhood. Our perspective of distance or form seems so much bigger or longer when we were small. That the soccer court seemed so much further away than how we remember it on the day we came back to visit. Our brain seems to remember perspective, and it only changes once we re-expose ourselves to that perspective. This got me then thinking about sound, and how does sound affect the developing brain? Well, I was awe-struck when someone mentioned that when we are in the womb, we are constantly surrounded by sound: a beating heart of our mother, the sounds of intestines moving, voice, laughter, music… and all of these sounds we do not see. Wow! How incredible a concept to know that we came into life with sound! Which only means, that perhaps we are born to learn how to live with silence? Or more so, how to live comfortably in silence… And how certain sounds are comforting, while others are not…


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