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Naturopathic doctors are not meant to replace what modern medicine has to offer, but to serve as a compliment. They are to serve the biological needs of the human being. It incorporates the function of the biological system in its totality, using a gentle way. This is not to say that naturopathic doctors are independent anarchists, and quite contrary, NDs are are open to any and all ways that will help the system to a greater state of health.

Because the aim of NDs is to use gentle measures on the body, based on the first Hippocratic oath: First, do no harm, lets look at the root of most afflictions: anger.

It seems as though there is no good way to manage anger. If you suppress it, it will turn against you or blow up on some occasion. If you overly express it, you are liable to unnecessarily hurt those around you and isolate yourself.

The thing with anger is that it will persist, unless you learn how to manage it. Rightful anger serves a very good purpose. And this is the key: if you do the thing that will correct your anger, the outcomes are two-fold. One, it will serve a useful purpose and two, it will build self-esteem.

The root of self-esteem is often in mismanaged anger, frustration, and irritability. All of these correspond to the wood element: inflexibility. And thus, the inability to be flexible will often be the source of anger and feeling not well in ones skin. Often times restlessness could be a symptom of anger, and so, it is worthwhile to determine what that means for you.

To practice self-love means to correct anger, and to strengthen your self-esteem. You will feel good about yourself once you have done the necessary work to stop the cascade of anger. And then, just breathe and you will find you can relax.


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