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on the art of perfectionism

Recently I have been faced with a real life challenge that accentuated a firm held belief that is more damaging than helpful: the need to be perfect and do things well. But the difference with this situation, is that if I did it perfectly or not, it would not change the outcome. This allowed me to realize how devasting perfectionism can be. It only brings hardship to myself and unrealistic expectations, or worse, unknown expectations.

Like most perfectionists, learning is actually very difficult. We are not very open to criticism (i dont think people inherently are, however, it is a way for us to grow and learn). And we assume we will fail before taking the steps to learn. In addition, we have become tired of the unattainable goals we set for ourselves that further lower our confidance.

It takes a heap of strength to unravel the woes of perfectionism. However i do think that there is great learning and strength in the art of letting go. At the end of the day, only you can make yourself happy, and if those goals are only going to bring misery, the cycle will continue. This is a fundamental topic in alternative medicine as a healthy mind breads a healthy body.

In Chinese medicine, the summer represents the yang and has an affinity to the blood vessels. This means, any stagnant energy needs to move during this ideal time. If there is a problem in your life, it is always better to face it head on and try to learn from it as best possible. Running away may not help, however learning discipline, patience, and tranquility will all be helpful. I can use some of those as well! Cause being human is what we are all about.


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