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case study: remedy for acute tonsilitis and sinusitis

Although we are slowly moving out of throat and sinus season, I wanted to write about another recovery with homeopathy, and the importance of understanding symptoms that the disease is expressing, together with the individuality of the person. A patient called with acute tonsillitis, with no amelioration from conventional antibiotics. Here are the details of… Lire la suite case study: remedy for acute tonsilitis and sinusitis

Infectious diseases

colds, flus, and the winter blues

With the quick change in temperature, our immune defenses may go down. There is nothing better then rest, warmth, and a few home remedies to help you regain your strength, whether physically and/or emotionally. Come in for a visit for some added tips to improve your immune system, especially if you are particularly sensitive, in… Lire la suite colds, flus, and the winter blues

Case studies·Infectious diseases

a case of pneumonia prevention

Case – 72 year old female I received a call from a woman who has been successfully using homeopathy for over 20 years. She called at the very onset of her cough, which typically turns into pneumonia if not addressed quickly. She presented with debilitating dry, hacking cough that would continue until she was fatigued. It was… Lire la suite a case of pneumonia prevention