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thread of medicine

I am currently reading The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner, a pioneer in incorporating Shamanism and Aboriginal medicine to Western thought. Naturopathic Doctors are not trained in Shamanism, however, I have always been curious about this long-used form of medicine and without searching too much for explanations, to gently grasp some of the… Lire la suite thread of medicine

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what is pain sayin’?

I must say, I was a little glad to read this article in the Montreal Gazette today, written by a retired physician. Identifying the cause of pain is the first step to relieve suffering. It could be neurological, inflammatory, scarring, displacement of organs, referred pain, circulatory, and the list goes on. And in many… Lire la suite what is pain sayin’?

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documentary film on homeopathy in the making

Blind Dog Films is currently creating the first ever documentary on the miracles of homeopathy. The director and the crew are traveling the world and collecting some pretty amazing stories on the use homeopathy for certain conditions. The filmmaker Laurel Chiton, is a very committed and is looking forward to presenting her work. She is… Lire la suite documentary film on homeopathy in the making

Philosophy, medicine, and homeopathy

tune-in to radio nature

To apply homeopathy to ones life means to observe the entirety of ourselves. Homeopathy investigates the physical symptoms, the mental, and the emotional. The aim of homeopathy is to find the key to allow ourselves to feel more at ease, instead of dis-ease, with whatever, whomever, and where-ever we find ourselves. Therefore, we shouldn’t always… Lire la suite tune-in to radio nature