Research: electroacupuncture for cervical dilation and induction

Electroacupuncture for cervical ripening prior to labor induction (1) – for first time mom’s, induction is often necessary. In this randomized clinical trial, electroacupuncture was shown to be just as effective as prostaglandins to help cervix to become favorable. Acupuncture starting around 33-36 weeks in a normal pregnancy can be helpful for encouraging your body.

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FREE natural childbirthing workshop for mom and partner!

As part of Naturopathic Medicine Week (NMW) 2012, I will be giving a free talk on Promoting a Natural Childbirth on Thursday May 10th from 6:30pm-8:30 pm at my clinic, 1173 Mont-Royal Ouest, Outremont. The workshop will be for both mom and partner. I will teach mom and partner how to use acupressure during childbirth, how… Lire la suite FREE natural childbirthing workshop for mom and partner!


Omega balance in pregnancy reduces eczema

The poly-unsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) omega 6 creates inflammation through arachidonic acid. Foods high in omega 6 include red meat, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, red peppers. Omega 3’s – found in fish oil – couterbalance omega 6’s and reduce inflammation. Because fish is contra-indicated in pregnancy due to the mercury, many women are deficient in… Lire la suite Omega balance in pregnancy reduces eczema


Heartburn in pregnancy

DGL – de-glycyrrhinated licorice – chewable tablets are effective and safe for heartburn in pregnancy. Companies who carry chewable DGL tablets include Natural Factors and AOR. Caution: licorice root is not advised during pregnancy because of the possible hypertensive effects (aldosterone-like) from the glycyrrhin component. DGL does not contain this active ingredient and therefore is… Lire la suite Heartburn in pregnancy